A Subtle Shift

We’re reaching a convergence of alternate universe tracks I wanted to explore, in that if Sebastian won the bid for Aria’s virginity, freed her, and gave her an army to go home, I also think it likely that Aria would meet Valtteri before Casimir. I’ve always viewed Valtteri and Casimir as two sides of the same coin, so I’m pretty excited to dig into the tale of the rebellion with Valtteri as Aria’s closest advisor.
With that in mind, I’ll be switching the titles of these posts to Valtteri instead of Sebastian, as the focus shifts to his relationship with Aria. Sebastian, of course, continues to be a player, and the category “What if Sebastian Won the Bid?” will still be included, alongside the new one: “What if Aria Met Valtteri Before Casimir?”
Let’s do it!

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