I finished the trilogy!

This post is strictly celebratory.

I finished the first final draft of The Shadow Throne last Thursday, and with one more quick edit (since I edit as I go), it will be ready to go to beta readers. I also have the cover designed, as of Saturday. With that in mind, I should be looking at a release date at the end of March.

But…what then?

I don’t know! The tracks on this blog will probably get cleaner, since I’m not sorting out fifteen stories lines at once, and I may take fewer breaks. I might even begin another novel in the world of Eineria, since there’s so much left to explore. Who knows, really.

Considering there’s a moment in every book I write where I think I have to trash it and give up on my dream, because it won’t possibly come together—and if it did, it would be terrible—it feels pretty good to complete this. For now, I’m taking that as a win.


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