Shower Thoughts

I think one major flaw (among many) in my first book is the failure of Alistair to reveal where he sent Aria when he stole her throne. Once he realized the support Aria was drumming up, what was stopping him from nipping it in the bud by revealing her infertility? Certainly Aria could have created a narrative to deflect such a thing, but for it to never really happen at all — it’s a bit of an oversight.

As well, there’s the matter of Bohdan taking it on the chin when Aria humiliates and outmaneuvers him. Maybe I’m too used to watching Game of Thrones, but the fact that he didn’t immediately run to Alistair, find out about her “condition,” and use that knowledge against her, either to keep Alistair on the throne or to get Aria under his thumb once she took the realm back…technically, the argument can be made that Bohdan wanted nothing to do with Alistair, even if he’d have less power under Aria, but I’m not convinced. I was definitely missing a major plot point there.

Hopefully my future endeavors are a bit less politically naive, don’t you think?

Happy Monday 🙂

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  1. Susan says:

    The demons that haunt us during shower time………………. Alistair was simply too drunken dumb to care, don’t ya know, let alone to remember to exert a little effort in such a politically savvy way. You are too harsh on yourself. All those characters are relatively young so their behavior reflects the lack of bad experiences to make them think beyond the moment they are currently experiencing. It’s OK, really it is.

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