Valtteri, Part 4

Aria dismounted her horse beside Valtteri, who handed his reins off to a groom before striding forward to greet his younger brother. The camp around them bustled with activity, and Aria found her eyes drifting over the unfamiliar fauna of her home when her gaze wasn't drawn by a man tending a fire or a … Continue reading Valtteri, Part 4


Liam, Part 6

The Iotorathi princess waited for the return of her husband on the front steps alongside the king. Aria glanced at Liam, her cheeks coloring, but he merely winked. “Your father will assume you’ve brought back some whore,” she said quietly. “Didn’t I, technically?” She glowered at him. He barked a laugh. “Don’t worry, Aria. I’m … Continue reading Liam, Part 6

Liam, Part 5

“Here we are,” Liam said, guiding Aria by the waist through a set of ornate wooden doors. Two servants bowed them into the parlor. Aria and Emery met eyes, both conveying a silent sense of incredulity at the splendor of Liam’s accomodations within Tower of the Moon’s royal palace. Midday light flooded white marble floors … Continue reading Liam, Part 5

Liam, Part 4

Walking back from the gathering house with her arms crossed, Aria watched her feet, brow furrowed. Liam had coaxed the entire story from her—Alistair’s murder of their parents, her sale to the courtesan district in Tower of the Moon, the way she’d given up completely on going home. Every time she balked at telling him, … Continue reading Liam, Part 4