New Track!

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is to explore the relationship between Valtteri and Sofia. They met when Valtteri was twenty years old, in the middle of the scandal that cost him the princedom, until Aria got it back for him during the civil war. Though Valtteri and Sofia drifted apart over … Continue reading New Track!


Liam, Part 1

With a giggle, Emery accepted a drink from a tall man with the dark skin of the Western Realm. Aria hung back, so used to shadowing Emery as an apprentice courtesan—but of course she'd made the transition nearly two months ago, after losing her virginity for an exorbitant sum to the Northern Kingdom’s treasurer, Cesare. … Continue reading Liam, Part 1

An Unsurprising Update

I'm back after the holidays.  BUT: new year, new alternate universes! What if Aria remained a courtesan in Tower of the Moon? And what if she met Liam, then prince of Iotorath, in a gathering house in the brothel district? When I return in January, we'll find out what happens. Happy holidays!